Liara superyacht 2


SY Liara is a landmark vessel for our design Studio.

Build of advanced composites; she is the first Superyacht to use a Telescopic keel hidden below the cabin sole. This allowed us a freehand when planning the interior layout, which is so often compromised by the presence of a traditional internal keelbox.

She was awarded two 2010 Show Boats Design Awards: The Naval Architecture award for Sailing Yachts and the Design and Technology award for the Telescopic lifting keel arrangement.

Principal Specifications

Length Overall: 30.00m
Length waterline: 27.02m
Beam: 7.01m
Keel Type: Telescopic Lifting
Draft: 3.5-5.0 m
Displacement: 70.6 tonnes
Naval Architecture: Dixon Yacht Design
Interior stylist: Dixon Yacht Design
Deck stylist: Dixon Yacht Design
Shipyard: Southern Ocean Marine